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Mining Challenge Program-2022



Electropreneur Park, Bhubaneswar is organizing a Pan India Mining Challenge Program 2022 to solv real problems faced by Mining Companies, Industries & Citizens though Innovative solutions created by our Startups. The key takeaways of the challenge shall be paid POC for Startups, proper analysis of competitors, customers, problems and challenges faced in the mining industry, chalking out strategies and planning for building POC and prototyping. Solutions developed through these challenge contests could be applied for Heavy (e.g., Mining and Petrochemical) and Manufacturing Industries as well.



• Entity working towards innovation, development or improvement of products, processes or services or if it is a scalable business model with high potential of employment generation or wealth creation. Entity should not have been formed by splitting up or reconstructing an already existing business.

• Start-ups registered with DPIIT under start-up India programme are encouraged to participate in this program.

• Individual Academicians, Researchers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, partnership firms, LLPs may also participate. However, if they are selected then they will have to register as private limited company in a stipulated time (preferably within 3 months).

Focus Domain

  • Reduction in Energy consumption costs in mining
  • Data driven solutions for optimized operations
  • Health & Safety
  • Reduction in Environmental Impact and Carbon footprint
  • Water quality in Mining
  • Mining Transportation

Key Takeaways:

  • Cash Prize to selected winners
  • Reimbursement support for component and other services used in POC development
  • Selected Winners may get opportunity to pilot their product for commercialization
  • Opportunity for joint R&D with corporate houses, industry & academia
  • Preferential access to State-of-the-art ESDM Lab with advanced testing & measuring equipment, HV testing equipment, Domain specific software tools for the startups including MSOs, DC programmable power supplies, electronic load, ORCAD PCB design suite, Arbitrary Signal generators, Environmental test chambers etc.
  • Strategic Guidance & Mentoring by Industry experts
  • Government and Industry Connect
  • Rapid prototyping support
  • Access to Fab Lab
  • Virtual Incubation facility for outstation Startups
  • IPR support

Problem Statements:

  • 1 Controlling pilferage in Mining areas.
  • 2 Realtime location tracking of Dispatching vehicles such as Trucks
  • 3 Realtime Data Transmission in low bandwidth dark zones, Asset to asset communication in underground mining due to network issues
  • 4 Improper stacking during grading of materials in mining
  • 5 Fleet and fuel management in Mining (Real-time monitoring of fuel consumption, Prevention of fuel theft, Monitor the information of vehicles and load etc.)
  • 6 Surveillance System to detect & monitor various mining activities (Detection of accidents, unusual incidents, Hazards, geohazards etc.)
  • 7 Transportation/Logistics challenges faced by Authorities due to miscommunication of drivers, incorrect data received from transporters etc.)
  • 8 Fogging condition in low visibility areas in Mining
  • 9 Slippery condition in Mining especially in rainy season
  • 10 Illumination survey in Mining
  • 11 Difficulty in operating Heavy Earth moving machineries during rainy seasons (4-5months) due to extremely poor visibility conditions leading to significant loss of Excavation and Production.
  • 12 Autonomous/ Tele-operated haulage by dumpers during force majeure situations.
  • 13 Real-time knowledge of ore body being mined out.
  • 14 a. Unpredictable wear & tear of Cable belt conveyor-Rope & Belt leading to frequent stoppage of single line Mine production system causing significant loss of production.
    b. Unpredictable failure of poly pulleys along cable belt conveyor leading to stoppage of Conveyor system for pulley changing.
  • 15 Frequent dislodgement of cable belt conveyor along hilly terrain for various reasons.
  • 16 Digital solution for analysing the borehole geological information & exploration data and suggest excavation areas to maintain the quality of ore including blending proportions
  • 17 Introducing predictive analytics to provide better warning of component failures and develop a predictive maintenance of Heavy Earth Moving Machinery
  • 18 Fleet tracking & management systems to help them to deliver their potential and improve productivity
  • 19 Optimum blast design through geological information & exploration data.
  • 20 Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and remote operated vehicles (ROV) to collect and analyse the information for site surveys.
  • 21 Drones to monitor operations for real-time data for data driven information on mining sites for activities like drilling, blasting etc.
  • 22 Mining analytics to improve haul cycle times
  • 23 Smart sensors to measure the contamination of water due to mining activities
  • 24 Smart sensors are deployed to detect any increase in emissions to alert for on-site inspection of machine/process
  • 25 Reliable mechanism for manpower tracking in mines, underground mines for safety and optimization purpose
  • 26 Low-cost mineral ore sample testing, with minimal human intervention (like based on XRF/XRD or any wet chemical analysis etc)
  • 27 Thermal sensing (covered vehicle mineral identification).
  • 28 Realtime probes collection and risk management using sensors/RFID for temperature, humidity, flooding and other inputs in real-time for underground mining.
  • 29 Blockchain based provenance and carbon footprint tracking.
  • 30 Minerals trace and track solution for night time (e.g., for river bed minerals).
  • 31 Underground mining traffic control management solution for mines.


9th September 2022
Application submission start date
11th November 2022
Application submission end date
24th February 2024
Announcement of Result

Note: Dates are subject to change. Kindly check the portal regularly for latest information.



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