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SCOUT (Smartcity Challenge & Outcome for Urban Transformation) - 2021



SCOUT (Smartcity Challenge & Outcome for Urban Transformation) - 2021 is a Pan-India contest for start-ups/ innovators focusing on solutions for Smart-Cities.The objective of SCOUT 2021 is to invitee solutions from Innovators/ Entrepreneurs/Startups/ Enthusiasts/Students/ Research communities to come up with alternative ways of fulfilling the specific needs & products or service in making the city life better and bringing transformation through disruptive technologies. These contestants will be expected to come-up with innovative creative ESDM solutions that solve defined problem statements to make future cities smart & self-sustainable. The objective is also to bring out state-of-art made-in India solutions and thus give a further boost to the idea of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

The Contest shall be followed by creation of POC for the successful solutions. These contestants will be expected to come-up with innovative creative ideas and solutions that can solve certain predefined problem to make future cities smart & self-sustainable



1. The challenge invites the proposals/applications from Indian Start-ups who are working in domain related to ESDM product development.
2. Start-ups registered with DPIIT under start-up India programme are encouraged to participate in this programme.
3. Individual Academicians, Students, Researchers, working professionals, Educators, Entrepreneurs, partnership firms, LLPs may also participate


✔ Healthcare solutions for future urban healthcare
✔ Advanced Transport management solutions
✔ Waste Management
✔ Energy Management & Conservation System
✔ Industrial/Building Automation
✔ Security & Surveillance
✔ Environment & Pollution Monitoring Solution
✔ Citizen Services

Problem Statements
1. Modernize criminal identification, tracking and verification by police organizations across the country using Tech led solutions.
2. Advancement in toll collection systems to address several problems like malfunctioning in RFID cards, offline payments, toll traffic management, manual billing, detection of rule violators such as overloading etc.
3. Modular network architecture which can address current challenges including Energy Management, Smart Lighting, Water Management, Intelligent parking, Infrastructure management, Pollution control, Waste Management, Disaster Warning & response etc.
4. Integrated technologies for remote Health diagnostics and Treatment in Healthcare
5. Realtime Measurement and Monitoring various health parameters, geolocation for the frontline workers such as Health professional, Police etc. for early detection and prevention of occupational diseases.
6. Realtime Drainage, Man holes and Sewage monitoring systems
7. Smart Poles for smart city infrastructure
8. Solutions to monitor and maintain water quality parameters of water bodies.
9. Collection, route & frequency optimization, Segregation, Handling & Processing of wastes using Electronic devices, Sensors and Technology driven ESDM Solutions.
10. Disaster management solutions for early prediction, damage control and minimization of post disaster impacts.
11. Energy analytics for smart cities Intelligent fault detection, smart distribution and monitoring of various utilities such as gas, water and electricity.
12. Realtime Monitoring, Maintenance alert and fault/failure prediction of smart city infrastructure & assets including bridges, over bridges, skywalks, rail tracks, buildings, towers etc.


• For ensuring that the best start-ups are selected, a rigorous & stringent screening process shall be followed.
• Designated committee(s) shall screen & evaluate the applications.
• The screening & evaluation may be multi-stage.


• Cash prize up to 3 Lakhs, 2 Lakhs & 1 Lakh to the Winner, 1st runner up & 2nd runner up respectively.
• Individual cash prize up to 50 Thousand each to 6 best PoCs against each problem statement.
• Reimbursement up to 20k per participant for Components, Development boards and other services required to making the POC.



• Real time implementation of POCs selected in the Hackathon
• Assistance in availing Tools, Technologies, Resources required to build the POC
• Virtual Mentoring by Industry professionals, Academicians etc
• Knowledge dissemination sessions by Experts from areas of interest
• Networking with Govt. Authorities/Civil Society/ Potential Consumers
• Award & Recognition
• Incubation offer to the Winners


10th February 2021
Application submission start date
21st March 2021
Application submission end date
20th July 2024
Announcement of Result

Note: Dates are subject to change. Kindly check the portal regularly for latest information.


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