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Next Generation Incubation Scheme (NGIS) is STPI’s comprehensive incubation scheme which has a vision to drive the rise of India as a Software Product Nation so as to make India a global player in development, production and supply of Innovative, Efficient and Secure Software Productsthus facilitating the growth across the entire spectrum of ICT sector as envisioned in the National Policy on Software Products (NPSP) – 2019.

NextGen Start-up Challenge Contest (CHUNAUTI - Challenge Hunt Under NGIS for Environmental, Social & Governance)is a series of online Challenges under NGIS. 

Emerge With Emerging Technologies

Emerge is a challenge program for innovators working on ideas, solutions or products based on Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML/DL), ADAS & Mobility, IoT, Silicon Design & Manufacturing (IIoT), Cloud Computing/Big Data/Analytics, 5G & Edge, Blockchain, GIS Mapping & Drones and Robotics & Nanotech.