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EmTek, Bhubaneswar the CoE in Industry 4.0 catering to emerging technologies like AI,ML, Cybersecurity, IIOT etc is organizing a Pan India Call for Application 2024. The startups need to provide solutions in any stage for the industry using industry 4.0 and emerging technologies.


1. To promote entrepreneurship and Innovation in Industry 4.0

2. To help domestic start-ups going global.

3. To create a high potential ecosystem for carrying out Industry 4.0 & Analytics, Cyber Security & AI implementations for industrial sector and Startups.

4. To establish & growth of technology-based innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs &start-ups in Industry 4.0 by providing necessary infrastructure, mentoring, marketing, funding and overall eco-system interconnecting all stakeholders.

5. To generate employment opportunities and increase economic & social growth of the region as well as the country.

6. To create industry ready manpower on Industry4.0 and emerging technologies.


1. Startups having innovative Product/Solution/Idea focused on Digital Transformation of Public Sector Undertakings.

2. Startups having Products/Solutions to enabling technology adoption by Public Sector Undertakings and other industries.

3. Startups having Products/Solutions for specific localized industry specific problem in the domain of Industry4.0.

4. Startups having Platform and Micro services development for Industry 4.0 implementation

5. Technology solution apart from mentioned above addressing a need of PSUs and other industries on

6. Industry4.0 using emerging technologies.